Reserve and Book
Parking Spaces

Knowing in advance exactly where you can park your car – without wasting time looking for a parking space: sounds convenient but it rarely happens that way for most drivers. The online solution from our partners at ParkHere makes reservations a piece of cake. Drivers can book a parking space online or via app, then automatically be identified by their license plate number or QR code when entering or leaving the car park. The app guides the driver directly to the parking space. This guarantees the operator the highest possible utilization of the parking space while saving the driver time and stress. In addition, the optimized traffic guidance system saves carbon emissions and reduces particulate matter in garages and parking garages.

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The Products

Booking App

Use the ParkHere app from our partners to easily allocate your available parking spaces to employees, guests, and other users. Parkers can effortlessly reserve their parking space in the app and book and pay directly online where required. 

  • The app enables almost 100 percent parking space occupancy.
  • Authentication of drivers entering and exiting the car park is handled through license plate recognition or QR code.
  • The Marantec barrier opens upon successful verification.
  • Authentication is also possible via a QR code at the ParkHere terminal, e.g. temporarily for guests.
  • The data is forwarded in real time to the dashboard for evaluation.
  • Parking space reservation saves time and carbon emissions by optimizing driving routes.
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