Having a fixed parking space is convenient – finding it easily and quickly is even better. Thanks to the clear maps in the ParkHere app and an LCD panel that displays the name and parking period, the driver is guided to his reserved space in comfort.

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The Products

Booking App

With the app from our partners at ParkHere, you can efficiently allocate your available parking spaces to employees, guests, and other users. Parkers can simply reserve their space in the app, pay directly online if required, and be guided to their parking space. 


  • The app enables nearly 100 percent parking space occupancy.
  • The parking attendant is authenticated at entry and exit by means of license plate recognition or QR code.
  • The Marantec barrier opens upon successful verification.
  • Alternative authentication is possible via a QR code at the ParkHere terminal, e.g. temporarily for guests.
  • The data is forwarded in real time to the dashboard for evaluation.

LCD Panel

The LCD reservation display from our partners at ParkHere focuses attention on reserved parking spaces.

  • Employees or guests of the house are already welcomed personally at the parking lot.
  • Thanks to the wide display, long names and number plates can be shown.
  • The text is displayed in high resolution and is easy to read.
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