With our parking barriers, you can reliably secure access to underground garages, parking areas, and factory entrances as well as clear the way for authorized persons in seconds. Various opener concepts are available, depending on how wide, high, and accessible the entrance is. In addition, you have the option of further increasing the efficiency of the overall system, for example by using a two-way traffic control system with traffic lights.

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The Products

Parc 300

With a reinforced gearbox, the Parc 300 is the ideal solution for wide access roads.

  • It offers extreme durability, even when using long barrier booms.
  • The system moves one-piece barrier booms up to 6 meters; with a double barrier, entrances up to 12 meters can be automated.
  • Due to the variable left or right stop in only one housing, the Parc 300 is suitable for all installation cases.
  • Approx. 750 to 1,000 movement cycles are possible per day.


More about the Parc 300

Serie Parc PA

The Marantec PA series was developed with a focus on durability and performance.

  • Combined with our license plate recognition or a modern access control system, the areas of application for the barriers are almost unlimited.
  • Three different models are available for various requirements.
  • The possibility of a master-slave installation with two barriers means barrier widths of up to 16 meters can be realized.


More about the Parc PA series

License Plate Recognition LPR

Our LPR camera detects the license plate and gives the impulse to open the barrier or gate. The authorization management controls which license plates the gate may open and at what time.

  • The LPR camera compares the license plate with an access list and can switch an output (e.g. opening impulse for a barrier or gate).
  • It works day and night, thanks to integrated infrared emitters.
  • All camera settings (image, zoom, focus, recognition, access lists) can be changed remotely using browser-based software.
  • Simultaneous access by up to 10 persons is possible.
  • Images of license plates are stored on an SD card or a server, automatic deletion can be set.
  • Power supply is provided via 12 V DC or Ethernet (PoE).

Sensor H100

The H100 is a sensor specially designed for barriers, and was developed for contactless protection in the area of the barrier boom. As an additional function, the sensor can evaluate the area in front of the barrier as a detection area and thus detect whether a vehicle is in front of the barrier. This information can then be used to automatically open exit barriers, for example, or to activate downstream devices such as the QR Code reader. The integrated detection filter differentiates between persons and vehicles, thus ensuring maximum safety with minimum installation effort compared to conventional systems.

Oncoming Traffic Control and Traffic Lights

To control the entrance and exit, we offer a two-way traffic module that you can optionally connect to our control systems using the plug-and-play method. You can program various scenarios in order to guarantee optimal and trouble-free traffic flow in connection with our traffic lights. The same module can also be used to indicate whether a parking space is free or occupied.

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