Enable safe and comfortable access to your underground or collective garage for cars and people. You can ensure extra security with the highly flexible options for putting together our hardware package – including the Comfort 390 underground garage door opener as well as our photocells, light curtains, signal lights, or closing edge safety device.

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The Products

Underground Garage Door Opener Comfort 390

Gentle and reliable: The Comfort 390, our modern opener for underground and collective garages, opens heavy doors and copes with high cycles. Thanks to modular extensions and the interface to our maveo connectivity system, the opener system can be optimally adapted to the respective on-site application.

  • Opens doors up to 6 meters wide and weighing up to 240 kg.
  • Can handle up to 18 opening cycles per hour and 300 cycles per day.
  • Two versions available: Comfort 390 motor unit for simple applications and Comfort 390 motor unit with external connection housing for special requirements (such as in combination with traffic lights or signal lamps).
  • The transformer has an energy-saving function.

More about the Comfort 390 opener for collective garages


Our product range includes photocells for every application: for garage and industrial doors as well as for external gates and parking barriers.

  • With a depth of only 19 mm, our photocells can be mounted directly onto the door frame – so it is optimally protected against collision damage.
  • This makes it possible to use them on different opener systems and makes them flexible in use.

Light Curtain

A light curtain consists of several parallel light barriers. This allows you to easily secure even larger areas.

  • Our light grids are suitable for doors up to 10 meters wide.
  • Status and diagnostic LEDs make the system especially easy to maintain.

Signal Lights

Signal lights attract attention. If the gate or barrier boom is in motion, the signal light flashes or is illuminated.

  • LED technology makes the luminaire highly energy efficient.
  • It emits a signal before or during door movement and flashes or lights up, depending on the setting. 

Closing Edge Safety Device

The active closing edge safety device detects obstacles when the door is closing and thus offers effective protection against personal injury and damage to property.
As a force-absorbing rubber profile, even a passive closing edge in combination with the power cut-off of the opener system protects the surface of the obstacle and thus prevents damage.

The sensors are mounted in the lower rubber strip of the door and react sensitively and quickly to obstacles of any kind.

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