Here’s How to Fill an Employee Car Park with More Parking Space than Required

Initial Situation:

A company located in the city center operates an employee car park with more parking spaces than it needs for its own purposes. On average, 100 parking spaces are free.


The company's own space could be rented out to make optimum use of capacity. In addition, the parking spaces in the office building are not used after 4 pm. However, private individuals would have a need for parking spaces downtown – even after 4 pm.


The parking areas can be used economically by using parking barriers, access control, and a digital payment system. The 100 free parking spaces can be rented out to other parking companies. In addition, the temporarily unoccupied but already rented spaces can be used for short-term parking.


Calculation of Revenue from the Management of Parking Areas

Example Project 1: Use parking Space More Efficiently and Save Additional Space

How do I make the best possible use of an employee parking space? Learn about our first example project!

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